With a capital P, that rhymes with pee, that stands for… well, pee.

He peed in the potty thrice today and it’s raining stickers and candy here. We’re starting to make some progress, kind of like rocking a car back and forth in the mud until it gets some traction. I think one of the wheels just found some gravel.

As for the other three wheels, most of his bottom half was covered in poop following a catastrophic failure of a Go, Diego Go! pull-up. Pro-tip: if your child hasn’t pooped in a while, avoid cheese.

Out of guilt for not writing about Jack in a while, but out of a compulsion to stay on-topic, I’ll note that Jack peed on me again today. I’m not really sure why Jack urinates sans diaper so much more than Joshua did at this age. Joshua peed, shall we say, freestyle, maybe half a dozen times. It’s hard to be sure due to the sleep deprivation, but I think single digits or low teens is a good guess. Bath time doesn’t count since that’s common to both of them. I figure it’ll be a wash. *ahem* Anyway, Jack’s already crossed into double-digits. Maybe the cool air is stimulating. I think I read that in [parenting magazine/website/blog/uninformed speculation]. Their diet is identical, and I’m no slower at diaper changes now than I was three years ago. I’ve landed on Jack’s size. He’s quite a bit larger than Joshua was at the same age (already up to more than 12 pounds), so maybe… um… yeah, I have no idea what that would have to do with it at all.

I love my boys, and I enjoy what I do. If a little pee on my shirt is part of it, then so be it. That said, I’m looking forward to a day, probably not all that far from now, when I don’t face the daily prospect of being peed on by more than one family member. Also, I’ll be old and incontinent some day. Payback’s a bitch, boys. Payback’s a bitch.


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