Potty-training log: Supplemental

Joshua’s potty-training is in a holding pattern right now. We’ve had no progress to speak of in the last couple of days. His biggest obstacle is a common one — he can’t pull himself away from whatever has his attention to go to the bathroom. He’s on a regular schedule of bathroom breaks, though this has only resulted in a couple of successful potties… pottyings… pottings? I’m not really sure how to proceed from this point. Some of it will require a behavioral shift on his part, facilitated by some conditioning work on ours. He gets praise, candy, and stickers when he gets anything even near the potty. One drop in the bowl and it’s like pre-school Mardi Gras in that bathroom. But that doesn’t seem to be the ticket, at least not yet. Perhaps he just needs more tickets. Chuck E. Cheese has tickets. Little rabbits need big carrots at the ends of their sticks. </streamofconsciousness>



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