Live-blogging Potty-training: Day 3

Joshua’s pull-up was soggy when he woke up, so I didn’t have any great hopes for session one. Sure enough, no pee. However, as with Day 2, so engrossed was he with the game we were playing that he sat longer than his typical few minutes. In fact, he even asked to stay in the bathroom to play longer, albeit not on the potty. It may not be a step forward, but I’ll happily take no progress over regression any day.

About three months ago, just before Jack was born, Joshua showed all the classic signs of being ready to learn about all things potty. He was uncomfortable in wet diapers, took an interest in how the toilet worked, danced around when he needed to pee, and generally stayed dry at night. We did our duty and began training then, but the first and only two sessions were so disastrous, we called the whole thing off. Each one resulted in wet floors where his pee and tears mingled in a most moist melancholy. There was also screaming — an anvil chorus to accompany the whole woeful affair.

We put it off until the New Year to give him time to adjust to his new brother. That adjustment has been fair so far. He’s not wild about having to share attention, but he hasn’t asked us outright to take him back. Once more in parenting, often middling passes for achievement.

Today’s remaining sessions were uneventful. They all followed the model of Sit down – Wait – Stand up. None shall be the number the peeing, and the number of the peeing shall be none.

After observing that all of Joshua’s pull-ups were wet upon reaching the potty, we’re going to be reserving stickers for his training chart for only those instances when he shows up to the potty with a dry pull-up. Hopefully this will be incentive enough to get him to pull himself from what he’s doing to use the potty.

So, in all, the dreaded Day 3 wasn’t so bad. It just wasn’t much of anything compared to the previous days’ progress. We’ll see what Day 4 brings.


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