Live-blogging Potty Training: Day 2

Day 2 started off much better than Day 1. For starters, Joshua sat down on his potty immediately upon request, rather than wallowing in anguish on the cold tile floor. Nothing came out, but as that nothing included both tears and vocal resistance, we took it as a win.

We were uncertain how Day 2 would go, as it fell on our regular family gym day. There were no leaks at the gym, though his pull-up was quite wet when we got home from the gym and lunch. That’s when the first miracle occurred.

Session two was a big one. As in Session one, Joshua sat down without fuss or incident. He sat for his obligatory few minutes, but then, absorbed by a game he was playing, he continued sitting voluntarily. After a few minutes of this, I heard a distinct, unmistakable sound. Lo, `neath his smooth, white bum, was a plastic potty-ful of pee! I made a big deal of this, of course, though the relative enormity of his accomplishment seemed to escape him, else his embrace of the extraordinary was so quick and so complete as to make it rather ordinary right away. My boy’s smart and all, but I’m betting on the former.

After washing his hands, he got candy and his choice of sticker for his potty training chart.

There was almost — dare I say it? — excitement as Joshua ran to the potty for Session three. He sat readily, complained not a whit, and… nothing. Still, both bowl AND pull-up are dry and clean. Progress isn’t always a dirty word. One more scheduled session before bed. We’ll see if there are any other developments, but short of walking to the bathroom and taking care of his business solo, I can’t imagine a bigger step than the one he’s already taken.

Session four came with a surprise. I told Joshua that we’d be getting ready for his bath soon, and he objected, “No! We have to use the potty first, remember?” It’s mighty cool how quickly three-year olds can be programmed. That was the only surprise, though. Otherwise, this session was like sessions one and three — negative in results, but positive in outlook.

On the whole, the day was a giant leap forward from yesterday, especially from the start of yesterday which was, to borrow from Shakespeare (and later Faulkner), full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing.* From many accounts that I’ve read, none of which I can find the energy to look up again, Day 3 of potty-training tends to be one of the hardest. But with Joshua’s generally unflappable, easy like Sunday morning demeanor, I’m not anticipating any major deviation from either his acceptance of potty-training or his progress therein. We’ll see what the morrow brings.

*Poor little Jack’s farts have earned the title of “Faulkner Farts,” for likewise being full of sound and fury, but also signifying nothing.


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