Live-blogging Potty Training: Day 1

Today, Joshua began learning to use the potty. Several weeks ago, we began talking to him about transitioning to Big Boy Underwear, and that using the potty was part of the process. This was met with equal parts trepidation and denial. The timeframe we issued was that training would begin when he ran out of diapers. We usually use cloth diapers at home, but he outgrew these and so we’d been using the last of a fairly large stockpile of disposable diapers which had a slightly larger capacity. Anyway, the last was used this morning, so training began.

Every two hours, we head to the bathroom for our clash of wills — ours that he pee or poop into the potty; his that he writhes half-naked on the floor so as to not do that. Our first session took nearly the full two hours before the next session. He spent most of an hour and a half curled up on the floor with no pants on, clutching his Clifford as though it was his only friend on Earth. (It is.) We offered stickers, games, books, candy, and every other incentive we could think of, but rather than hit the pre-schooler motherlode of contraband, he opted instead for quiet (sometimes) misery. Finally, his mother’s gentle demeanor wore him down and he sat for a whopping three minutes during which no pee was peed or poop pooped.

Session two took less time, at least. There was no protracted period of self-imposed wretchedness. But as before, only Mom could coax him into sitting down. He sat much longer this time, about 12 minutes, but the result was no different; his potty remains unspoiled. Nonetheless, given how much better this one went than the last, I’m optimistic that we’re making progress.

Session three went much more smoothly. In and out in less than ten minutes. The only pee to be found was in his pull-ups. One more to go before bed time. I’m pleased with his progress today, even if nothing’s ended up in the bowl so far.

The last, pre-bed session went better than the other three. A trend! Jen was indisposed, so I ran the potty op solo. And he let me! He sat for a few minutes, remarked on the poop found in his pull-up, and we started the rest of his bedtime routine.

Overall, I’d call Day 1 successful. Sure the potty was largely unused, but we started the day with a nearly two-hour long fit, and ended with a rather mundane, calm moment. That’s a win for me. Or for him, I guess. See you all on Day 2.


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